Sue Fennessy

Founder/CEO WeAre8

Sue Fennessy is a serial tech entrepreneur who has spent 30 years creating disruptive businesses in the digital economy, based on her belief that advertising is an insufficient construct for brands to build personalized relationships with consumers. Highlighted by Forbes in 2017 as a leading innovator, Sue is the Founder and CEO of WeAre8, a data platform built to inspire people to own their voice and be rewarded for who they are.

Prior to WeAre8, Sue was Founder and CEO of the world’s leading data aggregation business in the media industry. Standard Media Index, with operations in North America, APAC and Europe, quickly became the preeminent global source of ad intelligence fueling decisions by the world’s leading media and finance companies including NBC Universal, Disney, News Corporation, Google, Warner Media, CBS, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse.