Student Ambassador Program

Nominate an incredible student or yourself and join us to gain valuable skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a tangible impact in your community and beyond.

WEDO student ambassador program

Are you a student who has demonstrated achievement, commitment to excellence, and passion for growth? Do you want to excel in the business world?

As a member of our community, you’ll have access to a wealth of learning opportunities, empowering you with valuable skills that will fuel your personal and professional growth. Join us to gain valuable skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and make a meaningful impact that resonates within your community and reaches far beyond. Together, we can cultivate a world of innovation, entrepreneurship, and gender equality.

Submit a nomination for yourself or another individual
passionate about helping women achieve financial freedom

Meet our current student ambassadors

Meet our current WEDO Student Ambassadors all around the world

Joining us means being part of a collective effort to foster economic empowerment, promote gender equality, and uplift marginalized voices. By leveraging our skills, knowledge, and resources, we can address the challenges that hinder progress and forge a path towards a more equitable society.


WEDO Student Ambassadors in Africa work tirelessly to unlock the untapped potential of women in Africa,
paving the path towards a future that is not only inclusive but also prosperous.


WEDO Student Ambassadors in Asia aim to inspire, uplift, and pave the way for a future where every woman in Asia can realize her dreams and make a lasting impact on society


WEDO Student Ambassadors in Europe strive to create a supportive network that nurtures and uplifts aspiring women entrepreneurs.


WEDO Student Ambassadors in North America champion the voices and aspirations of women, and shape a future where every individual can thrive and make a meaningful impact


WEDO Student Ambassadors in South America aim to inspire and empower young individuals, promote gender equality, and build a supportive network that nurtures the growth of women-led businesses


Benefits and opportunities for WEDO Student Ambassadors

WEDO is a grassroots movement, and at WEDO, we support each other to thrive.

Raise awareness of your efforts on campus

Gain access to a premier network of WEDO members and innovative thinkers

Make valuable connections with inspiring leaders

Be Part of A Great Movement to Educate, Empower, Celebrate, and Support Women in Business


The role of a WEDO Student Ambassador

Together, we can create a world where every woman has equal opportunities and the support needed to succeed

Organize WED Event on Campus

On Nov 19th, rally your professors, fellow students, clubs and organizations on campus! Create a team to help you fundraise, market and make an impact within your community.

Be A Spoke Person

You are a representative of our movement! Leverage your platform and influence using our WED promotional content to rally the media behind our initiatives, amplify our message, and showcase the importance of highlighting women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Gain Support & Partnership

Cooperate with University Officials, Civil Society, Academia, Entrepreneurship Groups, Women’s Groups, Foundations, and the Media to support and attend WEDO events year-round

Problem Solving

Student Ambassadors play a crucial role in rallying and convening with existing student business clubs, women’s groups, and local chapters to foster empowerment and create a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs on campus.

Make Connections

Create an advisory board of politicians, prominent business people and public figures — anyone who can help you as a student ambassadors create a larger impact to empower women on your campus

Report Outcomes & Updates

Provide us with bi-annual briefs (December and June) as well as such other updates we may request. If there are any local elections or interesting survey statistics on women related issues released, we want to know about it!

Social Media Management

Create an Instagram account and use all student social media channels to rally support for WEDO.
  • Twitter: @womenseday
  • Instagram: @womenseday
  • FB: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


WEDO is a grassroots movement! We count on promising, committed, high profile and quality student ambassadors like you to achieve the empowerment and support of women in business throughout the world.