Gabriela Correa–South America,Venezuela

Founder and CEO Creadores que Creen Productividad y Desarrollo de Indicadores de Desempeño para Empresas Creadora de El Diario de Productividad y El Diario de Agradecimiento

Gabriela Correa is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in marketing, international trade, and leadership. As the Founder and CEO of Creadores que Creen, she has led the development and execution of marketing strategies, forged B2B partnerships, and ensured the timely release of innovative products across multiple markets.

With her keen strategic insights, Gabriela conceptualized, manufactured, and launched four successful products, expanding their reach to three different markets. Under her leadership, the flagship Planning Program “Productivity Week” attracted over 500 students, while she delivered 52 impactful conferences in 2022.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Gabriela served as a Higher Level Technical Assistant in the Trade Promotion and Tourism Sector at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty). During her tenure, she facilitated bilateral trade relations between Brazil and Venezuela, organized networking events for Brazilian businessmen, and played a pivotal role in establishing the official Brazilian Business Group in Venezuela.

Gabriela’s corporate experience includes her role as a Brand Executive at British American Tobacco in Venezuela, where she orchestrated communication projects for premium product segments, led consumer engagement initiatives, and received the “Silver Leaf Award of Excellence” for her outstanding contributions.

As the Head of Marketing at Globovisión, Gabriela coordinated presales events, managed departmental budgets, and fostered relationships with advertising agencies and media outlets. She spearheaded the launch of the TV segment “La Buena Nota,” showcasing her creativity and strategic acumen.

Gabriela’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through her educational pursuits. She completed the LEAD program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, focusing on business and leadership, and holds a specialization in International Trade and Logistics from Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela.

With her wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, Gabriela Correa is poised to make significant contributions as the Ambassador of Venezuela, championing entrepreneurship and fostering meaningful partnerships to drive economic growth and empowerment.