Our Partnership Program

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)/#ChooseWOMEN is powered by a diverse network of internationally acclaimed organizations, corporations, foundations and governments who support our mission to empower, celebrate and support Women in business worldwide to alleviate poverty!

WEDO partners

WEDO encourages our partners around the world to pledge their valuable talent, time, or financial support to uplift and empower women-owned businesses.

Together, by creating a powerful network of support that fuels the growth and success of women entrepreneurs, we are paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable business landscape

WEDO Pledge

Pledge Your Time, Talent, or Treasure to Women In Business!

#ChooseWOMEN is a comprehensive directory of businesses owned and led by women, dedicated to our mission of empowering, celebrating, and supporting women in business globally. This powerful movement aims to establish an extensive international network and database, showcasing the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs.

Support women-owned businesses on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving in the spirit of Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday.

why partner With us

Benefits and opportunities for WEDO Partners

WEDO is dedicated to promoting our partners on various platforms. T
Through impactful events, providing them with unparalleled visibility and opportunities for growth.

Promote your organization / company as a partner of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Feature your organization / company on social media and different promotional materials

Assist in organizing events that your organization / company plans to promote in connection with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Capture high-resolution photos of those with your organization’s logo in the background, and share them with you after the event

WHAt WEDO Partners Do

Team up with us to raise awareness and support women-led businesses and causes!

Join our vision: if we can achieve our goal of 1 million pledges worldwide, we will not only connect women with the vital resources they need to prosper but also build an extraordinary and motivated network of individuals. Together, we will create a global community that empowers, supports, and celebrates women entrepreneurs.

Promote WEDO Events

Host events or plan activities in recognition of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and promote the significance of WEDO and the events.

Website News Coverage

Publish periodic news stories on your official website, featuring provided content such as press releases or blog posts, highlighting the event and its related activities.

Recognize WEDO as Partner

Include Women’s Entrepreneurship Day as a valued partner among the list of organizations your organization/company collaborates with.

Offer Leadership Endorsement

Upon request, provide a statement of support for WED from the President or Chairman of your organization/ company, demonstrating your commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs.

Amplify Event Through Media

Incorporate mentions of the event in your media kit and regular media outreach efforts, amplifying its importance and reach.

Update Social Media Regularly

Keep your core social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, updated with regular highlights and updates on the event and its related activities.

Promote Active Participation

Encourage partner organizations and individuals to actively participate in the event, whether as speakers, ambassadors, or in other appropriate roles.

Support WEDO Pledge

Engage in the “WEDO Pledge,” demonstrating your support for women entrepreneurs in your community through a commitment of Talent, Time, or Treasure.