Norma Kamali

International Fashion Designer, Founder/CEO Normalife, Founder

In 2020 Norma Kamali marks 53 years in the fashion business. Norma remains today the sole owner of her company. Her dream is to live a creative life. Her purpose is to help women feel good about themselves so they can reach their potential.

‘Norma innovations’ are the sleeping bag coat, sweats and the start of casual sportswear; parachute clothing, high heeled sneakers, sculptural swimwear influential in the global marketplace; and multi-style clothing made for easy care, easy travel. “Clothing should be practical and smart but at the same time be fun to wear and meant to make you feel good “.

In the seventies fifty percent of Norma’s clients were men and these were purchases made from her collection for women. Gender for the first time was blurred in the seventies and what existed was a creative spirit each person wore as their individual style. The return of the gender-neutral spirit exists today in her collections. Norma believes it was AIDS that stopped this creative expression in the seventies and it is her belief with the memory faded it is time for a non-gender specific approach to fashion.

Norma became an early proponent of a healthy lifestyle. The devastation of AIDS and the loss of close friends, prompted Norma to seek out alternative integrative pioneers in the field of a healthy lifestyle like Dr. Andrew Weil in Arizona.

After 9/11 Norma opened the Wellness Cafe and shared her findings about a healthy lifestyle to a small knowledgeable group of New Yorkers with similar interests. Norma presented products to help build a strong immune system to this growing community. There were a series of exercises at the end of each day, film presentations about farming and an interesting product assortment covering sleep diet and exercise.

NORMALIFE is democratic and inclusive, for men and women of all ages and ethnicity. #gobaredontcare presents the no-makeup concept in the first rollout which is the skin line. Men can finally have a skin line equal to that of women’s, confirming simple, timeless ingredients work. Sustainability is always kept in mind for all packaging as well as company policies.

“A healthy life supports how we feel about ourselves so we may all reach our potential.”

Twyla asked me to collaborate with her on a special dance and tribute for Herman Cornejo. With an eye on gender-neutral style what better expression than in costumes for dance.