Noha Waibsnaider

Founder/CEO GatheringUs, Founder Peeled Snacks

As part of a large family, Noha Waibsnaider has planned a number of memorials and funerals. She has felt the challenges of organizing family and friends during these difficult times, and yearned for a simpler way to mobilize everyone and commemorate loved ones – Noha created GatheringUs to bring communities together through shared memories, events, resources and funding — all in one place. Families can easily crowdfund expenses, giving communities the opportunity to contribute financial support for the funeral, related events, and to support the family.

Rooted in her Jewish tradition, Noha believes that those we have known live inside each of us, and we can keep a piece of them alive through the stories we share. The rituals of coming together after a death enable our communities to support each other in the healing process. In honoring each person’s life, we can make events truly meaningful and inspiring.

Before starting GatheringUs, Noha founded Peeled Snacks, an organic food company.