Connie Morgan

Founder Council of Fashion Designers of Scandinavia, MGNFTX,

With a Harvard Kennedy School education and a thriving entrepreneurial background, Connie is a true leader in advisory services and a driving force in reshaping the investment landscape, especially for women and minorities, as well as the exciting world of fintech. Hailing from Copenhagen, Connie’s global perspective and rich cultural heritage have been pivotal in her journey. Her passion for finance, investment, and fintech was nurtured by her family’s venerable banking legacy, including her accomplished husband, John A. Morgan, and her father-in-law, Henry Sturgis Morgan, the esteemed founder of Morgan Stanley. As an executive board member in prestigious organizations, Connie has been instrumental in shaping strategic initiatives, guiding business direction, and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Her impact has been pivotal in achieving sustainable growth and augmenting organizational value.