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Since  2013, a time when WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS and women in business were not receiving much media attention, and only a handful of governments and companies had women’s groups or initiatives, our founder Wendy Diamond had a vision. 

She believed that by creating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we could ignite the conversation  and shine a spotlight on women entrepreneurs. WEDO has proudly organized Women Entrepreneurship Summits worldwide, celebrating incredible achievements and underlining the significance of supporting women in business.

Explore, engage, and be inspired as we celebrate the power and potential of women entrepreneurs worldwide










WEDO2019 Summit

We would be honored for you to join us at the United Nations on November 15-16th to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED)! WE WELCOME DIVERSITY! All Races, All Genders, All LGBTQ, All Classes, All Ages- So Become A Member and Join Us!

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