Ursula Banda–Africa,Malawi

Founder & Lead Consultant Business Creative Hub Founder & Head of Product Design and Innovations The Village Shop Founder & Managing Director Makeover Guru Inc

Recognized for her outstanding contributions to business and social impact, Ursula Banda brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to our team. As the Founder of Business Creative Hub Malawi (BCH), Ursula spearheads a dynamic firm at the nexus of Management Consulting and Design Thinking. BCH offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Management Consulting, Policy Development, Research, Business and Product Development, and Communication Strategy across sectors such as Civil Society, Private Sector, Corporate, and Independent Clients.

At BCH, Ursula’s commitment to social entrepreneurship shines through the firm’s impactful initiatives, particularly in identifying, nurturing, and launching startups and businesses led by youth and women. Through effective marketing strategies, she ensures their visibility and market access, fostering sustainable growth and youth employment opportunities.

Ursula’s entrepreneurial journey extends to her role as the Founder and Head of Product Design and Innovations at The Village Shop Mw, an Artisan Manufacturing Collective empowering local artisans to thrive in regional and international markets. Her vision drives the development of eco-friendly artisanal home furnishings and handmade therapeutic cosmetic products, showcasing Malawi’s rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, as the Founder/Creative Director of Makeover Guru Inc, Ursula has revolutionized Malawi’s beauty industry, offering professional makeup services, image consultancy, and beauty education through The Beauty Business School. Her dedication to youth empowerment is evident in initiatives like skills transfer programs, fostering a new generation of makeup artists and industry professionals.

Previously, Ursula served as a Corporate Sales Executive at Sunbird Hotels & Resorts, where she played a pivotal role in brand management, sales strategy, and client relationship development, contributing to the group’s growth and market presence.

Ursula holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from ALU School of Business and a Bachelor’s Degree with Double Majors in Media and Mass Communication and International Relations from Monash University, reflecting her interdisciplinary approach to business and social impact.

WEDO is honored to have Ursula Banda as our Ambassador for Malawi, as we continue to champion women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment across Africa!