Tatiana Pereira–Africa,Mozambique

Executive Catalyst & Co-Founder ideiaLab Co-founder & Consultant InkDot

Tatiana Pereira is a dynamic leader dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in Mozambique. As the Executive Catalyst of ideiaLab, a pioneering Mozambican business she co-founded in 2010, Tatiana has been instrumental in inspiring entrepreneurs, supporting startups, and accelerating the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). ideiaLab’s mission revolves around promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, aligning perfectly with Tatiana’s vision for economic empowerment.

In addition to her role at ideiaLab, Tatiana serves as the Co-founder and Consultant at InkDot, where she continues to leverage her expertise to drive business growth and innovation. With over a decade of experience in the field, Tatiana has held various senior consultancy roles, including at SDO Moçambique, where she contributed significantly to organizational development.

Tatiana’s journey in the realm of Human Resources (HR) began early on, honing her skills as an HR Consultant at LOD Consulting and later as an HR Coordinator at BCI. Her diverse experiences have equipped her with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and human capital development.

Tatiana’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in her educational background. She holds a Mandela Washington Fellowship (Young African Leadership Initiative) in Business and Entrepreneurship from Northwestern University and an MBA in Business Administration from Curtin University, further solidifying her expertise in the field.

With her passion for entrepreneurship, wealth of experience, and dedication to empowering others, Tatiana Pereira is a true champion for women’s entrepreneurship in Mozambique. WEDO is honored to have her as our Ambassador, as we strive to support and inspire women entrepreneurs across Mozambique!