Sofia Del Carmen Zúñiga Castillo

Mexico - Tijuana Ambassador

CEO Markzu Group

Sofia Del Carmen Zúñiga Castillo, the CEO of Markzu Group, is a true trailblazer in the world of business development and expansion. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Sofia’s dedication to market research by geographic area, utilizing cutting-edge GIS technology, has set her apart as a pioneer in Geomarketing.

But Sofia’s impact extends far beyond the business realm. As the President of Tijuana Trascende A.C and The Peace is Possible, she has become a driving force for positive change. Sofia actively promotes the United Nations Action Campaign and is a member of the UN Women Action Coalitions program, demonstrating her commitment to creating a more peaceful world.

Sofia’s influence can be felt across four countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and the USA. Throughout her impressive 18-year career, she has collaborated with renowned organizations such as the UN, Unesco, CONACULTA, Colef, COPARMEX, ROTARIOS, JCI, Tijuana Innovadora, Alliance for Humanity, Opera de Tijuana, and the International Network of Urban Researchers, among others.

Not only has Sofia shared her expertise through teaching leadership and business vision, urban development, and urban design at esteemed universities like ITT, UABC, and Xochicalco, but she has also captivated audiences as a speaker at numerous business and social forums in Mexico, Colombia, the United States, and Germany.

Sofia’s extensive knowledge is the result of specialized studies in leadership, business development, sustainability, visual arts, performing arts, peace, communication, and social development. She has channeled this expertise into creating groundbreaking social innovation programs such as Agentes de Cambio, Emprendedores Culturales, Around the World, and Super Entrepreneurs.

Recognized as a pioneer in promoting Creative Industries in Tijuana alongside Coparmex Tijuana, Sofia’s contributions have garnered her several prestigious accolades. She was the recipient of the State and Municipal Youth Award for Social Work and was honored as Woman of the Millennium by the Gender Equality Commission of the Tijuana City Council. She was also recognized for her outstanding “”Leadership and Business Vision”” by the Faculty of Accounting and Administration at UABC. The same year, she received the “”Agents of Change”” recognition from Club Coronado Binacional. Sofia’s exceptional entrepreneurship and social leadership in peace-building projects were acknowledged by the Tijuana Rotary Club. Moreover, she participated in the Tijuana Innovadora Creative Industries Workshop, further solidifying her influence in the field. Finally, in the same year, her expertise in “”Geomarketing”” was recognized by the Faculty of Marketing at TEC de Monterrey Campus Monterrey.

Sofia’s journey is one of unparalleled impact, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to strive for positive change, embrace innovation, and build a more harmonious world.