Ndeye Gningue–Africa,Ivory Coast

Innovation Platform Officer / Managing the AfDB's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab African Development Bank Group President Obama's Mandela Washington Fellow YALI Owner of Desi'GNING || ABC - Love Africa Wear Africa Channel Marketing Leader for IBM Cloud Portfolio - Middle East, Africa & Turkey

Ndeye Gningue, an Innovation Platform Officer and the driving force behind the African Development Bank Group’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab, joins us with a wealth of expertise and passion for empowering Africa’s youth.

With her innovative initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable job creation for African youth, Ndeye has been instrumental in managing funds from donors to address specific needs across African countries, particularly focusing on youth employment. Her collaborative efforts with young entrepreneurs, incubators, private sectors, donors, and governments have shaped relevant policies for implementing innovative job creation strategies in Africa, especially for youth and women.

Ndeye’s journey is marked by her dedication to nurturing leadership and entrepreneurship. As a President Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellow, she underwent rigorous leadership training at the University of Texas at Austin, where she had the unique opportunity to interact with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Her commitment to Africa’s growth extends to her ventures, including Desi’GNING, which crafts African-inspired outfits and accessories while supporting women and children in Senegalese prisons for a second chance.

With a solid background in marketing and communication, Ndeye has played pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like IBM and Samsung Electronics, honing her skills in brand management, corporate social responsibility, and strategic marketing.

Ndeye’s pursuit of excellence is evident in her continuous learning journey, earning certifications from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School Executive Education and University of Cambridge.

As an authentic leader, Ndeye Gningue is poised to drive impactful change as she takes on the role of WEDO Ambassador for Ivory Coast, contributing her expertise and passion to the mission of empowering women entrepreneurs across Africa. We are honored to welcome her aboard!