Michella Irawan

Asia, Indonesia Ambassador

Michella is Managing Director of PT Etmieco Group, second-generation family business that has been in the fishing industry for 29 years. She is implementing a zero-waste model, including fishing vessels, cold storage plants, and manufacturing.  In her role as the NEXUS Indonesia leader and co-chair of NEXUS Asia Energy Innovation and Environment working group, she unites those who help unleash local and global capital in Indonesia.

Her mission is to transform businesses across the fishing supply chain that support sustainable marine ecosystem . She envision a future in which all businesses enhance their employees quality of life,while building a thriving community and natural ecosystem.

With the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation over the last 20 years, we’re seeing solutions developed in other industries that can be applied to fishery industry.  Her goal is to bring those cross-sectoral solutions into her community as a pilot that demonstrate success in areas that have never been explored before.

Her latest endeavour is Tuna Town, an inclusive innovation centre that dedicated for marine technology and fishery innovation with the focus on efficiency and safety. Hoping to build a strong community of Ocean lovers, that cares and catalyse all the good intention to positive actions.