Maria Wildick–Mexico,Mexico City

Directora fundadora de Academia internacional de emprendimiento infantil AINEM Directora educativa en universidad ICOM Socio fundador del club Rotario Reforma Torre Mayor CDMX

Maria Cotero Wildick, a name synonymous with excellence and empowerment. As a revered businesswoman, she has carved a path of success as the founder and director of the International Academy of Children’s Entrepreneurship, AINEM.

Maria Cotero Wildick’s impact transcends the boundaries of business, as she dedicates herself to promoting female entrepreneurship. Her unwavering commitment shines through as she spearheads events and support programs, igniting the flames of empowerment, inspiration, and resilience in women across the nation.

Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Maria Cotero Wildick has been bestowed with the prestigious “Presea Stilo Urbano” award. This esteemed accolade stands as a testament to her unparalleled professional journey, social excellence, and her tireless dedication to training leaders and fostering entrepreneurship within Mexican society.

Her extraordinary achievements have also earned her the coveted title of “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the esteemed Clustro Doctoral H. Causa A.C. This honorary distinction celebrates her remarkable leadership and noteworthy contributions to the country’s development through her profound social, educational, and cultural endeavors.

Maria Cotero Wildick’s journey serves as an inspiration to all who aspire to create lasting impact. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her relentless pursuit of excellence, has elevated her to an unparalleled stature in society. She is a true visionary, leaving an indelible mark on the world through her social initiatives, educational endeavors, and cultural contributions.