Erika Tello

Mexico - Hidalgo Ambassador

Founder / CEO Remix Coworking

Erika Tello, a visionary hailing from a humble town in Hidalgo, Mexico. She have transcended the limitations of my surroundings to become the illustrious founder and indomitable CEO of Remix Coworking, a sanctuary for audacious and ingenious entrepreneurs.

With unwavering determination and unyielding ambition, she has shattered the boundaries of convention by earning a prestigious degree in political science from the esteemed ITAM. Her thirst for making a lasting impact on society led me to the forefront of political battlegrounds as she fearlessly campaigned for the revered position of congresswoman of the fourth district.

Through relentless dedication, she has emerged as a beacon of hope, igniting a flame of inspiration within the hearts of countless individuals yearning for change. Her unwavering pursuit of progress knows no bounds as she strive to carve a path of empowerment and transformation for all those who dare to dream.

In a world that often stifles innovation, she has defied expectations, harnessing the power of creativity and youth to cultivate a thriving community within the walls of Remix Coworking. It stands as a testament to her unwavering belief that the brilliance of young minds can reshape the world, propelling us towards a future brimming with boundless possibilities.