Barkue Tubman

Liberia Ambassador

Founder, Chief Experience Officer, and Principal of MBL Intl. Group

Barkue Tubman is a highly accomplished executive with diverse international and entrepreneurial experience in creating and managing strategic partnerships, events, and productions from intimate life events and curated professionally focused experiences to major productions. She has demonstrated strong leadership skills with the ability to build executive relationships and negotiate contracts.

A clear and effective communicator in written, verbal, and presentation formats, Barkue is also known as being competitive and focused on creating a high standard of performance and service excellence through development of a talent-driven culture built on integrity. She provides exceptional experience in building teams, strategic alliances, and partnerships within and outside of the organization to collaboratively execute business strategies.

Barkue offers outstanding experience in promoting confidence and maintaining long-term relationships while successfully interfacing with people from diverse backgrounds. She places an emphasis on professionalism, analytical skills, flexibility, and consistency in all phases of decision-making. Her business consulting skills are accustomed to working in fast-paced environments while maintaining a clear focus on achieving bottom-line results. She has successfully demonstrated her ability to manage change for improved performance and greater team efficiency.

Recognized as being trusted advisor and business consultant with an unmatched drive to produce superior results, Barkue is capable of identifying areas of strengths and weakness as well as implementing changes in operations that optimize overall productivity. As a self-motivated professional who is adept at working effectively with limited supervision by applying creativity and organizational skills, Barkue is the Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization in Liberia.

(WEDO)/#ChooseWOMEN is a movement that carries throughout the year in support of women in business globally. WED ignites women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities worldwide. WEDO is celebrated in 144 countries and 65 universities and colleges internationally, with a growing global legion of 333 global ambassadors activated in every continent! The WEDO mission is to empower the 4 billion women worldwide to be catalysts for change and uplift over 250 million girls living in poverty worldwide.