5 Tips to Being the Woman Entrepreneur You’re Destined to Be

Ideally, we all want to make our own schedules, chase after our passions and do what we love on our own terms. Yet, there’s more to starting a business than having everything go our way. Before you jump into that CEO chair, here are five things to keep in mind when launching your own business.

Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle.

It’s not a part time or full time job you can clock in and out of at any moment; it’s a way of being. As an entrepreneur you are constantly working on something for the company, about the company, or for people interested in working with the company. It’s very rewarding and incredible but it requires determination, hard work, and someone willing to put in the time and effort needed to make it a success!

Networking is Key

No matter how amazing your business is or how big your audience already is, networking will never be a bad thing! Expanding and connecting more people with information about your brand and the purpose motivating your efforts will always pay off, be it two weeks or two years from now. Remember, networking isn’t about collecting contacts; it’s about fostering relationships.

Define Your Market

In order to be successful, you must first fully understand your brand and the audience you’re targeting. It’s one thing to have an incredible product but if you aren’t marketing it to the right people, it’ll require a lot more money and time to take off.

Making Tough Calls Comes With the Territory

The same way you can’t always please everyone in life, you won’t be able to in the business world either. While being in charge can be fun and rewarding, it also requires sticking to your guns and doing what you know is right for the company even if that means saying no and making others upset.

Make Sure You Show Up to The Table

You aren’t your clients or your competition. Your business is unique and amazing but in order for the world to know that you have something to offer, you have to show up to the table. Be confident in who you are as a company and what you can contribute to the ongoing discussion that is business. You will never know what you can achieve unless you participate starting with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WEDon November 19th, 2015 at The Iconic United Nations Plaza, located riverside at 46th Street and 1st Avenue, at the United Nations Visitors’ Entrance New York, NY 10017.

WED is a day dedicated to empower, celebrate and support women entrepreneurs around the world on November 19th each year. It provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to network, learn about leadership and empowering economies as wells as providing support for those already navigating the rocky road of business. It’s an extraordinary experience meant for extraordinary people ready to make a pledge to celebrate, empower, and support one another. Join the WOW pledge at womeseday.org and show your support by giving your time, talent, or treasure to a woman owned business. The business world is built by those actively participating in the discussion; so show up and make sure your input is a part of the blueprints.