Tanis Jorge

Founder The Cofounder's Hub Co-Founder Trulioo.com

Tanis Jorge, the driving force behind innovation and partnership! As the Author of ‘The Cofounder’s Handbook’ and Co-Founder of Trulioo, Tanis brings over a decade of expertise in global identity verification services. Her latest venture, The Cofounder’s Hub, epitomizes her commitment to fostering rewarding partnerships and entrepreneurial success.

At the forefront of the tech scene, Tanis has graced the stage of the Collision Conference, sharing insights on the pivotal role of cofounder relationships. From her early days at NCB Data Services Inc. to her current leadership roles, including Co-Founder and COO of Pharos Global Strategies Inc.,Tanis has continually pushed boundaries in consumer credit and identity management.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tanis is a dedicated advocate for human rights, serving as a Board Member for the Ally Global Foundation. Join us at the forefront of change and collaboration.