Shelley Taylor

Founder of trellyz and RefAid

Serial digital entrepreneur who is passionate about helping those who help others have a greater impact through technology.

Founder of trellyz – creators of public and humanitarian supply chain software category. Software for logisitcs, supply chain, incident management, resource mapping, and the first ever multi-entity coordination, communication and collaboration software.

Creator of LifeSpots, the app that helps government and nonprofits work together to respond to the world’s most pressing problems – crisis, disaster, food insecurity, homelessness and more – and gives the public access to the help they need when are where they need it, in the palm of their hand.

Creator of RefAid, the world’s de-facto app for migrants and refugees, currently live in 31 countries and rolling out in many African countries this winter. Used by 10,000 nonprofits and government service providers – the first global network of service providers. RefAid won the Padre Arrupe Human Rights Award in 2021, and was the first ever social impact app to have its developer featured in Meet the Developer in the App Store.

Creator of website UI, and the world’s first user interface “bible” – much of the language around websites, e-commerce, interactive television and digital entertainment. Deep expertise product design, meta-data categorization, social impact.

Love cooking, discovering new lakes to swim in, and cycling. Grown and raised in Silicon Valley so love of technology runs in my blood. Have lived in the UK, France and Italy and speak French and Italian fluently. Love helping people make their dreams come true.