Rebecca Jarvis

Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent for ABC News and Host, Creator and Managing Editor of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis is a prominent American journalist and television host, known for her contributions to the field of business and finance reporting. Born on December 14, 1981, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she has become a respected figure in the media industry.

Jarvis began her career as an investment banking analyst at Banc of America Securities. She later transitioned to journalism, where she found her passion for delivering financial news and insights to the public. She has held several significant roles in journalism, including serving as the Chief Business, Economics, and Technology Correspondent for ABC News.

Rebecca Jarvis is perhaps best known as the host of ABC News’ podcast and television show, “No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis.” In this series, she interviews influential and accomplished women from various fields, highlighting their journeys, successes, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Her work has been recognized with several awards and nominations, solidifying her reputation as a respected journalist and storyteller.

Throughout her career, Jarvis has demonstrated a commitment to empowering and informing her audience about the complexities of the business world. She continues to be a trusted source of financial news and an inspiration to many aspiring journalists and entrepreneurs.