Rebecca Dixon

CMO & Co-Founder *gameHERs

Rebecca is a dedicated entrepreneur and marketing expert, driven by her fervor for businesses and initiatives empowering women. Within *gameHERs, she spearheads the company’s monetization efforts and strategic business development. Prior to co-founding *gameHERs, Rebecca played a pivotal role in brand partnerships and marketing endeavors at Mommybites, a parenting community and matchmaking platform. With her co-founders Laura Deutsch and Heather Ouida, Rebecca contributed significantly to the team that orchestrated the sale of Mommybites to a media conglomerate in 2016.

Rebecca’s passion for marketing and branding flourished during her tenure in the advertising and media sector, where she made substantial contributions at CBS Television, Turner Broadcasting, and Carat USA. Her journey in marketing was complemented by a strong foundation in Mathematics, earning her a BS degree from Vanderbilt University. Currently residing in New York City with her husband and three children, Rebecca continues to make strides in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing, advocating for women’s voices and opportunities.