Pinar Ormeci

CEO Timus Networks, Global Tech Executive & Cybersecurity Evangelist

Pinar Ormeci embarked on her professional journey in technical marketing at Qualcomm and never looked back. Over the past two decades, she has embraced a dynamic career path that eventually led her to become the CEO of Timus Networks. Her time at Qualcomm was transformative, teaching her the profound impact of self-trust in making significant life decisions. Guided by this wisdom, she navigated diverse roles across various companies, continents, and cultures, always entrusted with driving substantial revenue growth across global geographies and leading multicultural teams.

Throughout her career, Pinar has been instrumental in several successful company exits. Notably, she managed the Profit and Loss for Transaction Network Services’ highest revenue-generating customer, which Siris Capital later acquired. Additionally, at Lookout, she served as the Global VP of worldwide partner business for the consumer division during its acquisition by F-Secure, both instances being majority partner-led transitions. Pinar’s journey showcases her unwavering determination and expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of corporate leadership and business strategy.