Kathleen King

Founder Tate’s Bake Shop Sold to OREO giant Mondelez International for a yummy $500 million

Kathleen King is a renowned entrepreneur and baking expert known for her exceptional talent in creating delicious homemade cookies. She is the founder and owner of Tate’s Bake Shop, a beloved brand recognized for its high-quality, all-natural baked goods. With a passion for baking instilled in her from a young age, King turned her hobby into a successful business venture. Through dedication and hard work, she built Tate’s Bake Shop from a small farm stand into a nationally recognized brand, offering a wide range of delectable treats enjoyed by people across the country. King’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and maintaining a homemade taste has made her a trusted name in the baking industry. Her entrepreneurial journey and culinary expertise continue to inspire aspiring bakers and entrepreneurs around the world.

(Culinary Pioneer Award 2018)