Ebony Young

Deputy Queens Borough President

Ebony Young, a prominent figure in the nonprofit sector, has an exceptional 20-year career as an Executive Leader. She has held influential positions at renowned organizations like the Long Island City YMCA, TF Cornerstone, the Black Entrepreneur Initiative, and the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM).

 In her roles, she meticulously oversees and optimizes nonprofit operations, specializing in youth development, healthy living, and social justice reform. Beyond her nonprofit endeavors, Ebony holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility in the private sector.

Her commitment extends to her active involvement in various Queens boards, task forces, and advisory committees, where she advocates for diverse groups within her local community, spanning youth, adults, seniors, athletes, artists, and environmentalists. Renowned for her confidence, passion, and innovative approach, Ebony has become a true pillar in community building, connecting individuals, and educating others.

Ebony received her Bachelor of Science in Communications-Rad/TV/Film from Indiana State University. Furthering her education, she graduated from Indiana Tech with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Additionally, Ebony is a motivational speaker and a certified life coach, using her expertise to inspire and uplift others. She resides in Woodside, Queens, alongside her husband and three children, continuing her impactful work in both the nonprofit and private sectors.