Top 10 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs: Insights from Trailblazing Leaders on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, women are constantly blazing trails of innovation, determination, and leadership. While the journey can be both thrilling and challenging, it’s crucial to empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs with invaluable wisdom from those who have paved the way. Here are ten key tips from ten highly successful women entrepreneurs, all recipients of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award at the United Nations, to guide and inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey:


1. Speak Your Vision: Sue Wagner, co-founder BlackRock, reminds us that our voice represents more than just ourselves—it embodies our vision and values. She says, “We had clear values we clung to about integrity and partnership.” In the entrepreneurial arena, speaking up and standing firm in your values are essential.



2. Pursue Passion with Perseverance: Follow your passion fervently, advises Bonnie Anderson, Founder Veracyte & Founder & CEO PinkDx. As Bonnie stresses, “Address things that you’re motivated about; That means finding the problem and being really passionate and motivated about solving it. And if you follow that, your path to success will be there because you will persevere and navigate that pathway, even though it’ll never be a straight pathway.” Embrace challenges with perseverance, seek continuous development, and empower yourself through learning and mentoring.


3. Embrace the Journey: Carol Reiley, Founder of, encourages finding inspiration in unexpected places, even when the path seems daunting. Carol remarks, “I did not know that this was going to be a career I would do for the rest of my life, and I’m very grateful that AI has kind of been able to give me a way to still be very playful, imaginative with technology, and be able to explore all these different aspects of my life.” It’s essential to realize every twist and turn holds the potential for growth and new opportunities.


4. Seize Unexpected Opportunities: Beverly Johnson, supermodel and founder of Beverly Johnson Enterprises, emphasizes the importance of staying open to unexpected opportunities, as they may lead to paths you never imagined. She says, “Something profound inside of me was relentless, and suddenly I knew that I didn’t need anyone’s permission to be all that I am.”



5. Prioritize Self-Care and Passion: Lele Pons, an influencer with over 100 million followers and NFT Crypto Enthusiast, highlights the significance of nurturing your passion while prioritizing mental health. Taking care of yourself is crucial for achieving your goals. She emphasizes, “You have to be mentally stable. You have to take care of yourself first. You can go to college, but it’s what you do outside of college and outside of school that matters.”


6. Persist with Dedication: Amanda Feilding, founder of the Beckley Foundation, stresses the need for persistence in the face of adversity. “Let’s all work together and make it available to people in need. And now my two sons are joining me in the psychedelic world, and they’re both helping, and I hope we’ll succeed in making it available to everyone.” Dedication to your vision, even amidst challenges, can lead to transformative change.


7. Believe in Collaboration: Wendy Fisher, Artist and Philanthropist, emphasizes self-belief and the power of collaboration. Trust in your abilities and amplify your impact by working together with others.



8. Embrace Technology for Empowerment: Marta Belcher, counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, underscores the role of technology in empowering civil liberties and advancing leadership opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Marta stresses, “I care deeply about the importance of empowering women today’s change makers. I believe strongly in the power of art and culture to uplift, inspire, and drive that change.”


9. Balance Humility with Confidence: Janice Bryant, Founder/CEO of The ActOne Group of Companies, Howroyd advises maintaining humility while staying true to your purpose. She says, “Never before the age of 60 did I feel comfortable to bring my whole self present with humility. As I asked you ladies, be humble. But never let your humility and your sense of being humble overwhelm your sense of purpose and the strength of who you are.” Finding this balance is essential for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.


10. Let Passion Roar Louder: Missy Elliot, a 5x Grammy Award-Winning Musical Artist, inspires resilience against ageism, reminding us that passion and persistence know no bounds. She says, “I do want to say that whether you are young or older, it is never too late for women. I want y’all to continue to be bold, be fierce, create your own lane, be your own cheerleader.” Stay relentless in pursuing your dreams! 



As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey or continue to carve your path, remember the pearls of wisdom from these remarkable women who have shaped industries and broken barriers. Let their experiences and insights serve as beacons guiding you toward success. Dream big, stay resilient, and let your unique voice and vision lead the way. Happy International Women’s Day!

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