Valeska Pederson Hintz

USA, San Francisco, Bay Area Ambassador

Valeska Pederson Hintz is a Partner at Perkins Coie focused on closing the deals and navigating the challenges that are part of the journey from Series A to IPO for companies and investors. She acts as first point of contact for growth-stage companies, helping management teams establish corporate and governance structures that enable their long-term success. For investors, Valeska helps shepherd their investment process and provides strategic advice on acquisitions, IPOs, tender offers, and other liquidity events.

Valeska excels at providing practical, business-minded advice across key areas:

• Financings and Transactions: Valeska advises companies on a diverse range of deals, from minority investments to IPOs, tender offers, mergers, and acquisitions.

• Corporate Governance and Compliance: She offers thoughtful guidance to management teams, boards, and committees, ensuring effective governance throughout the business journey. Valeska frequently advises on board matters such as composition, oversight, and when and how to implement committees. She also counsels management and board members on the identification, oversight, and management of compliance functions and risk.

• VC & PE Investor Representation: Valeska represents investors, offering legal counsel and support in their investment activities. She also facilitates secondary sales and opportunities for liquidity.

Valeska’s background in electrical engineering and finance fuels her exceptional insight into the companies she advises. She has 18 years of experience in Silicon Valley, including working for Wilson Sonsini, Cooley, Latham and Lowenstein. Her experience as in-house counsel for a late-stage biotechnology company further enriches her practice with innovative strategies and forward-thinking solutions to solve client problems.