Riina Laaksonen

Finland Ambassador

Founder, CEO, and Coach at Nordic Fit Mama

Riina Laaksonen bringins the world’s best maternal healthcare available for every mother through her leadership at Nordict Fit Mama. The Nordic Fit Mama Post Natal Program is an award-winning, medically-recommended 6-week online core training program after pregnancy. The program has already helped more than 10,000 mothers.

Riina was inspired to start Nordic Fit Mama because of her own experiences with pregnancy–her body felt broken after pregnancies, and it took a long time to recover. Through Nordic Fit Mama, she is able to help mothers recover safely after giving birth. She is also passionate about promoting successful women in business, and hopes to show that it is possible to be a mother and a business leader at the same time.

Riina Laaksonen is a surfer and snowboarder, and a mom of three active boys.