Madalene Mofu–Africa,Zambia

Founder & CEO Coalition for rural women empowerment Senior ambassador University of the People 2023 African women fellow Dignify Womanhood International Initiative Country Representative Women Ascension Chapter Lead Nations of Women

Madalene Mofu is our esteemed Regional Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) in Zambia! Madalene’s remarkable journey and dedication to empowerment make her an invaluable addition to our team.

Madalene’s commitment to uplifting women and persons with disabilities in Zambia is evident through her multifaceted roles and achievements: Since 2020, Madalene has spearheaded the Coalition for Rural Women Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to economically and socially empowering rural women and persons with disabilities in Mpongwe rural district of Zambia. Through various initiatives including skills training, advocacy, and entrepreneurship development, Madalene envisions a future where 80% of Zambian rural women and persons with disabilities are empowered by 2030.

Madalene has served as the Country Representative for Women Ascension since October 2021, working tirelessly towards the social and economic empowerment of women and persons with disabilities in Zambia.

As the Chapter Lead for Nations of Women since September 2021, Madalene is instrumental in creating systematic change and empowering women throughout Zambia. Madalene passionately advocates for mental health awareness and support as a Volunteer Mental Health Advocate with The MentalLiberty Foundation since September 2021. Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Madalene was awarded a certificate of recognition as a Senior Ambassador for the University of the People since 2019.

With expertise in mental health treatment and advocacy, Madalene has been serving as a Registered Mental Health Nurse with the Ministry of Health of Zambia since January 2017.

Madalene’s impactful work extends to Michelo Mental Care, where she served as a Project Governor, focusing on integrating mental health into primary maternal health through innovative projects like “Pat a New Mom.”

Madalene Mofu’s unwavering dedication, coupled with her diverse skills and experiences, make her a true champion for women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment in Zambia. We are proud to have her leading the charge as our Regional Ambassador for WEDO in Zambia