Anum Kamran

Pakistan Ambassador

Anum Kamran is an enthusiast entrepreneur. She has dedicated herself to empowering society through the use of technology and projects. She is Founder/CEO of (the fastest growing online shopping marketplace in Pakistan), and is Founder of (Pakistan’s First Women Only Freelancing Portal). She also has co founded Apex Solutions (a web solution provider) and World Auto Source (B2B). Her volunteer work for the technological environment is also worth mentioning, with ventures such as IEEE and WIE. Additionally, she is an eFounder Fellow of AlibabaGroup, a program which aims to enable young entrepreneurs to bridge the digital divide and unlock their full potential.

While being a high achiever and maverick herself, Anum Kamran combines exceptional professionalism with warmth and humility, and she aims to motivate other women. She is helping and consulting other woman entrepreneurs/startups to embrace the possibilities of working without compromising any primary responsibilities.