Anna Kuusela

Finland Ambassador

Executive Coach SISU Collective Ltd

Meet Anna Kuusela, an impactful and visionary business professional with a truly transformative approach. With a rich international background and a former career as a ballet dancer and Big4 management consultant in London City, Anna brings a unique and dynamic perspective to her work.

Her journey in the world of fashion and luxury businesses led her to a powerful realization: the way women approach and conduct business today is not fully harnessing their innate strengths. With this insight, Anna embarked on a mission to help women entrepreneurs unlock their full potential.

As an executive coach, Anna’s methods go beyond conventional practices. Drawing on the latest science of neuroplasticity and the wisdom of our bodies, she has developed a radically fresh approach to her work. Through strategic visibility, communication, and conflict resolution guidance, she empowers her clients to thrive in the business world.

Anna’s methods are not only effective but deeply transformative. Time and time again, her clients experience breakthroughs, overcoming deep-rooted beliefs and fears, which in turn propels their business results to new heights.

Hailing from Finland, Anna’s impact reaches far beyond her native country. Utilizing online platforms, she influences and inspires individuals from all corners of the world. Whether it’s through her speaking engagements, teaching sessions, or writing, Anna is dedicated to empowering, educating, and transforming lives.

Her energetic and forward-thinking approach has made her a powerful catalyst for change, leaving a lasting impact on countless entrepreneurs and change-makers. Anna Kuusela’s work exemplifies the potential for personal and professional growth when embracing our natural strengths and utilizing cutting-edge insights from science and personal development. Her dedication to empowering women to reach their full potential makes her a true force for positive change in the global business community.