Angeline Mikiri–Africa,Zimbabwe,Harare

Publisher Great Zimbabwe Times Publisher Masvingo Business Magazine DAILY NEWS ANZ

Angeline Zimbwani Mikiri, an eminent figure in the world of publishing, as our Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) Zimbabwe! With a remarkable career spanning over decades, Angeline brings a wealth of experience and passion to our team.

As the Publisher of Great Zimbabwe Times since December 2010, Angeline has been a driving force behind one of the most influential publications in the region. Simultaneously, she has also spearheaded the Masvingo Business Magazine, showcasing her expertise and dedication to fostering business excellence.

Angeline’s journey in publishing commenced at Masvingo Mirror, where she served as a pivotal figure, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Prior to that, her role as a Sales and Marketing Executive at DAILY NEWS, ANZ, exemplified her knack for driving sales and building lasting relationships.

Her educational background is equally illustrious, with studies at UNISA focusing on Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication. Her commitment to academic excellence and professional development is evident in her continued pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement. She went on to become one of Zimbabwe’s Most Successful Publishers including The Great Zimbabwe Times & Masvingo Business Magazine.

Outside her professional endeavors, Angeline’s passion for sports shines through her involvement in activities like volleyball, reflecting her well-rounded persona.WEDO is immensely proud to welcome Angeline Zimbwani Mikiri aboard as we continue our mission to empower and inspire women entrepreneurs across Africa!